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When you’re still filing receipts at forty, you know something is wrong with your life.

Cowboy Canoe Coma

A German Western
by Christian Ebert and Michael Weber

Starring Thomas Anzenhofer
Christoph Finger
Andreas Grothgar
Peter Grund
Andreas Leupold
Katharina Linder
Matthias Scheuring
Walter Sittler
Catrin Striebeck
Annette Uhlen
Michael Weber
Also starring Rasmus Weber, Paula Rogge
Ingolf Köster, Klaus Merkel, Margarete Weber
Screenplay Michael Weber
Music Peter Grund
Sound Stefan Nölle
Camera, editing, sound processing Christian Ebert

The Story

Thomas, deserted by his long term girlfriend, takes to the open road on a one week vacation to live his Cowboy dreams of freedom. He hires a street musician as his personal jukebox. Together they drive into the countryside in search of adventure. They furiously clash during a canoe outing and split up. Thomas paddles on, is run down by a passing pleasure boat, and ends up in a coma. His friends visit him in hospital and make helpless efforts to bring him round. One year later he lives in a small town and celebrates his first birthday.

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