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What the hell do you mean Dogma, I am Underdogma.

Peter Grund (1953–2007)

Cowboy Canoe Coma

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The Underdogma

So What Are You Going To Do With It?

. . . is the question asked most often when you have made a movie without any funding, sponsors, grants etc.

Short Answer


Slightly Longer Answer

The question denotes that it is not sufficient to make something. Apparently, what you make, the product, only gains legitimacy by what you do with it once it’s made.

What about this ‘with it’?

When you question the question, the question is answered in the context of modern service culture: What are we doing to distribute the product amongst the customers? What are we doing to reach our audience? Who are the broadcasters, the institutions we have approached?

For short: How are we selling it?

The question is commonly asked with disturbed urgency. The right way – to success – is the one that first and foremost explores sales and distribution channels. Obviously we have been tacking up the horse from the tail end! The well-meaning concern of the questioner is intended to save us from commercial oblivion.

Which is where we have already arrived, fully conscious.

underdogma movies happen in commercial no man’s land. All rescue missions are entirely fruitless.


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